October 23

7 Herbal Salves for First Aid



7 Salved for First Aid | www.HerbalPrepper.com | Drawing Salve | Arnica and Comfrey Salve | Cayenne and Comfrey and St John's Wort Salve | anti-infective salve |

This week on Herbal Prepper (podcast), we’re talking about 7 herbal salves for first aid that I always have in my emergency kit. This picks up where we left off from last week, talking about my herbal first aid kit.

7 Herbal Salves for First Aid


Cayenne, Arnica, and Saint John's Wort Salve | 7 Herbal Salves for First Aid | www.HerbalPrepper.com | herbs for aches, pains, arthritis, and sciatica, nerves
Cayenne, Arnica, and Saint John’s Wort Salve

In the podcast, I cover how to make healing herbal salves, what my basic measurements are, and what herbs and oils are used in the salves I keep in my first aid kit. I have a few thoughts on containers, and how best to package up your salves

The salves I keep on hand are:

  1. Arnica & Comfrey
  2. Cayenne, Arnica, & St. John’s Wort
  3. Burn & Blister Balm
  4. Drawing Salve
  5. Anti-Infective Salve
  6. Anti-Scar Salve
  7. Jewelweed Salve

These seven salves cover a long list of applications. I keep these on hand to cover everything, such as bumps, bruises, bites, burns, blisters, rashes, infections, aches, pains, stings, poison ivy, and more.

Be sure to check out the “how to” video below on how to make the Burn & Blister Balm.

Paired up with some quality tinctures, powders, honey, and first aid supplies (bandages and such), you will have a kit to cover almost anything.


Herbal and Emergency Aid Training Opportunities

Also covered in this episode are some unique courses I want to share with everyone. There are high quality herbal and first aid training programs both online and locally around the country. I’ve got updates on my own courses, plus some trauma courses that I’m sure the audience is going to want to check out.

CSH Memberships

I will be posting a page just for the current month’s membership’s benefits. For now, the November, Members-Only article is going to be on the immune system.

For gold members, November’s gift box will include:

  • Fyre Cider Tonic, 4oz
  • Herbal Tussin Tea, 2oz
  • Cough Syrup, 4oz
  • Cayenne-Arnica Salve, 2oz

Gold memberships will be limited to 25 members, and 5 of those have been taken already. Please see the CSH Memberships Page for more information.

Video Demo: Burn & Blister Balm


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  1. Cat, on the burn and blister balm..are the oils (lavender, ylang ylang, and chamomile–are those essential oils, or oil infusions?
    Mary Sue

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