Herbal Prepper FAQ

Herbal Prepper is where herbalism meets survivalism. I’ve put this site together to be a resource to anyone who wants to provide an alternative in situations where modern medicine is not available.

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine is the study and use of the medicinal uses of plants, and sometimes extends to other remedies, some of which include: fungal (mushrooms) remedies, bee products, minerals, clays, oils, and others.

Herbal medicine is also called “Traditional Medicine” by the World Health Organization (WHO). I use the terms “Traditional Medicine”, “Herbal Medicine” or “Medical Herbalism” interchangeably.

However, this is not the same as what most people think of as practicing “medicine”, which is what licensed physicians practice. Practicing herbal medicine is not the same thing as “practicing medicine”. Herbalists do not “practice medicine”. We do not diagnose, prescribe drugs (pharmaceuticals) or treat any disease.

What does SHTF mean?

SHTF is shorthand for when the “shit hits the fan”. Everything that could have gone wrong, has gone wrong. This could mean anything from a personal-level SHTF, like a layoff, or something much larger like economic collapse. I probably could have sugar coated the tag line, and found something more  “family friendly” for my tagline (“Herbal Medicine for SHTF and beyond), but sugarcoating isn’t my style. Also, SHTF is common shorthand with which most preppers and survivalists are familiar, and gets the point of this site across directly.

Can herbs help you be more prepared?

As preppers, we often ask, “What if?” We then do our best to come up with back up plans for those hypothetical scenarios. Let’s ask a few of those now.

  • Are you dependent upon maintenance medications that are difficult to store in quantity?
  • Do you take needed medications with a short shelf life?
  • If there were outbreak of a deadly disease, and your child developes an ear ache, would you value an alternative to an overcrowded hospital?
  • Could you treat an infection if your pharmacy’s shelves were bare?
  • Would you like to assist your community during hard times?
  • Are you looking for a valuable barter item?
  • Would you like to give your family another way to protect their health in case of TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It)?
  • Would you like a renewable source of medicine that would replenish itself no matter how long the disaster lasted?

While herbs are not pharmaceuticals, when pharmaceuticals are not and will not be available, herbal remedies can give a prepper a life-saving edge in a SHTF scenario.

And… just like prepping, herbalism can make your life better, right now, while times are good by making your own natural, non-toxic:

  • Cleaning products
  • Soaps
  • Lotions
  • Toothpaste and/or toothpowders
  • First Aid & Trauma kits
  • Cold & flu remedies
  • Pain remedies

What kind of topics are covered here?

Topics presented on HerbalPrepper.com include:

  1. Herbal medicine as an alternative form of health care during and after a SHTF scenario.
  2. Herbal medicine as a way to improve one’s quality of life right now.
  3. Medical Preparedness.
  4. Health in general.
  5. Relevant Prepper topics (food storage, book reviews, product reviews, etc)


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