February 5

Cold and Congestion Remedies


I apologize for there being no new Herbal Prepper Live episode this week. I have been down with The Cold to End All Colds. The show will be back next Sunday evening (7pm EST/4pm PST) on Prepper Broadcasting to discuss how to make poutices and salves.

Cold and Congestion Herbal Remedies

However, since I’m down with the Cold to End All Colds with Congestion of Gargantuan Proportions, I wanted to share a few herbal remedies that are my “go to” options for cold and congestion relief. First is an instant version of fire cider, a favorite traditional remedy made popular by Rosemary Gladstar. The other is my “herbal tussin” tea that I simply could not get through cold and flu season without.

Instant Fire Cider

Fire cider is so simple to make, and everything to make it is available from your local grocery store. I just can’t see why anyone would ever buy it. That is, unless, they forgot to make it ahead of time. The one drawback to homemade fire cider is that it takes between two to four weeks to steep, depending upon how hot you like it.

This instant version takes just a few minutes to make, and really clears the congestion. The flavor are strong- sour, pungent, and spicy. So, be mindful of that when letting kids try it. Just watch this tutorial video below to see how it’s made.

Herbal Tussin Tea

I have blogged about this tea a couple of times before, and with good reason. You’re going to want to make this in a big batch to last all winter.

Something I highly recommend doing is adding lemon juice and honey to this tea. Lemon juice really helps to clear the nose, and everyone knows how honey is wonderful on the throat.

I enjoy the predominant flavors of hyssop and clove. Not everyone, however, does. My son loves it, while my daughter won’t touch it. The lemon and honey takes care of any finicky tea drinker issues.

For the recipe, please see my earlier article here.

Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

It would have been better if I hadn’t gotten sick at all. However, confession time, I haven’t been taking my own advice to get plenty of rest, eat healthy, etc. I have courses running, like the Herbal Skills Intensive, I am back in school myself, plus all the normal pressure of family, prepping, and so on.

Getting run down, as I have, puts you at risk of getting sick more easily. In all this craziness, I forgot to take my favorite remedy for immune support. It is called Host Defense- MyCommunity from Fungi Perfecti. It comes both as capsules and as a tincture. The 120 count capsules and the 60ml tincture are the same number of “servings”. The tincture is more wallet-friendly.

I doubt I would have gotten sick, or at least not this sick, if I had been taking my host defense. Sometimes, there is no way to lessen the stress of every day life. During an emergency, it would be worse. If you know you’re prone to respiratory infections, you might want to stock up on this stuff.

Want More Herbal Remedies?

Be sure to check out both of my books, Prepper’s Natural Medicine and Prepping for a Pandemic. There is a ton of herbal, health, and preparedness information is both books to keep you going strong through any disaster.




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  1. Thank you for these ideas! For a cold I had this past week, I used lemon honey water with a shake of ginger to sooth my throat and added a shake of ginger to my morning ACV water. I’ll have to try your “instant fyre cider”. Hopefully, I won’t get sick again! =)

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