September 20

Herbal Burn Care


Herbal Burn Care | herbal Prepper Live| Prepper Broadcasting | www.HerbalPrepper.comDo you know how to care for burns when no help is on the way? We are talking all about Herbal Burn Care in the next installment of Herbal Prepper Live.

This episode is now available in the archives at Prepper Broadcasting.

Why You Need to Know How to Treat Burns

If you are preparing to function as the health/medical person in your family or mutual support group, caring for burns must be part of your training. Burns are wounds. And while first degree burns (usually sunburns) can be miserable, second degree and third degree burns are serious wounds that require skilled attention ASAP. What do you do if skilled care is days away, or worse… not coming at all?

When a burn is severe, things can turn bad very quickly. Complications can include infection, sepsis, dehydration, or even a life-threatening, sudden drop in blood pressure. By blending some advanced first aid with easy-to-make herbal medicines, you will know how to respond in a safe and appropriate manner.

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • How to recognize and assess the degree of damage of a burn.
  • How to care burns using herbs and natural medicines that will still be available post-SHTF.
  • What is in the Herbal Prepper’s own burn care kit?
  • When to debride and when not to.
  • What flower helps to heal from the inside out?

Why Herbal Burn Care

Beyond knowing the “how”  of treating burns, you need a “what” with which to treat burns. Herbs, witch hazel, aloe, and honey are ideal choices for your burn kit, and here’s the “why”:

  • Herbs are available to everyone, no lab or license required.
  • Herbal supplies can be renewed long after trucks stop shipping.
  • With a little guidance, anyone can make effective remedies.

Accidentally knocking over boiling water from the stove or slipping while near a wood stove, a burn can happen at any time. Be prepared, and tune into Herbal Prepper Live to learn more.


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