September 23, 2017

Herbal Care for Radiation Exposure

Nuclear Fallout and Radiation Sickness | Herbal Prepper Live | Herbal Medicine online radio show hosted by Cat Ellis | Prepper Broadcasting | www.Herbal

Herbal Care for Radiation Exposure was the show topic on Herbal Prepper Live this past September 3rd. Heightened tensions brewing between the US and North Korea, as well as between the US and Iran, has many of us on edge.

Herbal Care for Radiation Exposure

The possibility of a nuclear event, fallout, and radiation exposure are growing concerns to many preppers. Because of this, I put this show together for you. This episode covered a lot of practical ground. We explored:

  • Overall readiness (or not) of the United States medical system for a nuclear event
  • Current/potential threats, including-
    • Attack at a nuclear facility
    • Accident at a nuclear facility
    • Attack by another nation
    • An improvised weapon used in a terrorist attack
    • A terrorist attack with ”dirty bomb”
  • Acute Radiation Syndrome
    And most of all…
  • Evidence-based ideas for herbal and natural care

Herbal Prepper Live 9-3-17


Links & Resources from the Episode

During the show, I gave a lot of links to various reports and studies. Because nuclear events are so rare, I certainly do not have first hand experience with herbal medicine post-nuclear detonation. However, I found a lot of reliable information. Some of this research is based off events at Chernobyl, while others are based on radiation exposure of cancer patients.

Here they are:

Want to learn even more?

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