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Herbal Consultations and Action Plans

Herbal Consultations | Cat Ellis | www.HerbalPrepper.com

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you concerned that the US may face a crisis that would limit access to standard health care options?
  • Are you worried about layoffs and losing your health insurance?
  • Do you live in a remote location without easy access to standard medical care?
  • Are you frustrated over a medical system that focuses on symptom-masking pills instead of the root cause?
  • Would a long-term disaster leave you without options for a chronic illness?
  • Do you believe in health freedom and the right to choose whatever form of health care you believe is in your best interests?
  • Do you want greater self-reliance and the ability to grow your own herbal remedies year after year?

If you saw yourself in any of these situations, then contact me for a free 20 minute phone call. During this free call, we will discuss your concerns and explore the ways an herbal consultation may be helpful to you. If my services are a good match for your needs, we will book an appointment for a consultation during this call.

How can an Herbal Consultation with me benefit you?

  • Guidance incorporating herbs into your preparedness plan.
  • Increase your level of health & wellness independence.
  • Move toward a holistic model of health.
  • Receive one-on-one attention from a knowledgeable herbalist who understand the unique concerns preppers have.
  • Help you better prepare for your health care needs during tough times when standard care is unavailable.

Health Care Costs

Most holistic health care options are not covered by insurance. On top of a high premium, holistic care ends up as an added, out of pocket expense. Often, this means that professional, high-quality care is out of reach for many people. Personally, I think that’s wrong. A balance needs to be struck to support both herbalist and client.

I have chosen to limit my one-time, new client fee to $100, which can be broken up into smaller payments. This covers the initial interview including a thorough health history and an in-depth discussion of your concerns. This process can take a couple of hours ($150 value).  This also includes:

  • A written Action Plan emailed to you, which may include herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle recommendations as appropriate.
  • A 25 minute check in at 3 weeks ($40 value)
  • A 25 minute check in at 6 weeks ($40 value)
  • Available via email at any point to address questions or concerns about your action plan
  • Detailed instructions to craft your own herbal formulas customized for your needs emailed to you ($75 value).

I used to provide the herbal formulas for my clients. Unfortunately, my plate is too full at the moment to extend this service. I will be offering it again in the future. Instead, I will coach you through the process of making your own remedies, as well as point you to the best, most cost-effective sources for herbs. This is a great opportunity to learn a vital skill you may need post-disaster.

Please note: you are always free to choose to source your herbs from whatever source you prefer. You are under no obligation to follow  the action plan.

For existing clients, additional phone appointments are $30 for 25 minutes. This includes detailed instructions for any proposed herbal formulas emailed to you, and email access for any questions that come up.

My Philosophy

I practice Herbal Medicine from a holistic, vitalistic point of view. I view the body as a whole organism, as opposed to separate, unrelated parts. My approach is rooted in the herbal traditions of both southern and northern Europe, along with a blend of Old World and New World herbs. I draw upon Traditional Western Herbalism and Anglo-Saxon/Germanic herbal traditions.

As such, my herbal practice is outside the paradigm of modern medicine. I do, however, appreciate modern biomedicine and that paradigm’s research, diagnostics, and life-saving interventions. Everything has its place. Everything has a role to play.

My approach is to support the body in healing itself, and maintaining that health. Modern research also has a lot to offer, and I draw upon modern research when available. Such biomedical research can enhancem and augment the practice of herbalism. However, it is not essential to my practice as it tends to focus on disease.  I do not diagnose or treat disease. I help people cultivate good health.

This is an entirely different paradigm from the one our current health care system operates, and any use of the term “medicine” (as in Herbal Medicine) is not to be confused with the standard health care system’s use of the word medicine.

I encourage people to use and become familiar with the medicinal plants in their local area. It increases your chances of being able to reproduce a reliable crop, or find it growing wild in your area, year after year. This is a more sustainable approach, and certainly a smarter one for preppers, than relying on exotic herbs that may not be available

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