November 16, 2017

Herbs for Cold and Flu Relief

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Herbs for Cold and Flu Relief

Cold and flu season hit our home hard and early this year. The past month, we’ve had the flu bug cycle through my husband and I, plus both kids. I had the flu, followed by bronchitis. It’s been pure misery.

Two weeks ago, I had no voice at all from the coughing and had to postpone that week’s episode of Herbal Prepper Live. I hate canceling. With. A. Passion.

There was nothing left to do but rest and seek relief from my herbal medicine cabinet. I covered the herbs I used in last Sunday’s show.

Respiratory Rescue Herbs

Last Sunday (November 12, 2017), the show was back live with “Respiratory Rescue Herbs”. I have uploaded the episode to YouTube, and you can watch it here.


Cold and Flu Prevention

If I had been more proactive, two things that could have saved me from enduring this respiratory crud were:

  1. Getting adequate rest.
    I fell into the trap of taking care of everyone else first. When you don’t get enough sleep, and don’t let yourself have a few quiet moments here and there, it’s easy to get run down.

    Those are precisely the moments when the immune system isn’t working as well as it should. Adequate rest is critical for proper immune function.

  2. Elderberry Syrup
    Elderberries have immunomodulating properties, which is why so many people take it daily as a preventative against the cold and flu. Elderberries can also help shorten the duration of the flu.

    I had it on hand, big jars of it in the fridge. I just never thought of it. My focus was on sick kids, reheating chicken stock, cleaning up the mess of tissues, trying to stay on top of both work and school, and so on. Unfortunately, herbal medicine doesn’t work if you don’t take it.

For More Information

Want more information on cold and flu remedies? Check out my book, Prepper’s Natural Medicine. It’s a crash course in herbal medicine specifically for preppers. For more information on Influenza, pick up a copy of my book, Prepping for a Pandemic┬áto see where Influenza falls in my Top 7 Picks for the next great pandemic.

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