Adrenal Fatigue: When Burnout Takes Its Toll on HPL

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me earlier, but I have decided to start making videos of my show, Herbal Prepper Live and posting them to YouTube. I put this one together quickly, and I’m sure they will get better over time. But, videos will have photos of herbs mentioned in the show, lists of important points, and so on.

This episode is all about adrenal fatigue and why it is important for preppers to be aware of the risks. I also cover common symptoms, what you can do to either avoid it, as well as strategies to help people recover their energy.

There is plenty more that can be said about adrenal fatigue, and an article is in the works for next week.

Herbal Prepper Live: Adrenal Fatigue

Episode aired live on Prepper Broadcasting on June 18, 2017

For more information on herbs, herbal medicine, and how to incorporate herbs into prepping, check out my books, Prepper’s Natural Medicine and Prepping for a Pandemic.¬†Or better yet, enroll in one of Herbal Prepper Academy’s online herbal courses. This summer (2017), there will be new courses added every couple of weeks.

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