My COVID-19 Book Has Been Banned!

The Wuhan Coronavirus Survival Manual

My book, The Wuhan Coronavirus Survival Manual: How to Prepare for Pandemics and Quarantines, was banned by Amazon.

I’m absolutely stunned. This makes zero sense

Banned Without Explanation


We received vague emails informing us that the book was pulled. We have been in contact with Amazon. Even after speaking to supervisors, we still are not positive why it was pulled.

When I wrote The Wuhan Coronavirus Survival Guide, my intention was to put out a no-nonsense guide to understanding coronviruses, COVID-19, and pandemic preparedness. There were so many new readers to my site, most of them who had never prepared or even considered the threat of a pandemic in their lifetime. They needed a starting point.

I wanted to provide an easy-to-understand, fact-based approach to this current threat. I limited myself to academic sources, scientific journals, and mainstream media reports. I cited each of these sources. I also provided some herbal insight based upon on my own personal and professional experience with herbs for respiratory ailments. There are loads of reminders throughout the book that there is still much that is unknown about COVID-19 and that there is no proven cure.

No hype. No conspiracy theories. No false claims. No price gouging. Just a starting point to understanding the threat of COVID-19 and how to get ready for possible quarantines. For more extensive pandemic preparedness information, see my previous book, Prepping for a Pandemic.

Amazon Bans Coronavirus Items

The NY Post reported that millions of items were banned from Amazon for price gouging and false claims. These were items such as overpriced face masks and Vitamin C products claiming to cure COVID-19.

Overpriced surgical masks and quickie “cures” are some of the “tens of thousands” of listings that have been weeded out in recent weeks, Amazon announced Thursday.

M book, however, made zero claims about cures. I provided a bit of theory on how I, as an herbalist, might approach this if I had no other choice. But, I was upfront in stating that there is nothing proven to be effective against the COVID-19 virus at this time, and if you have the option of hospital care, you should take it.

The book was certainly not expensive. We initially sold it at just over cost, and only raised it a few dollars after 3 days. So, neither of those reasons could apply to my book.

Could it have accidentally been swept up in this site-wide crackdown? It’s possible. I just don’t know.

Other COVID-19 Books Are Still Being Sold

The most frustrating part of this is that other COVID-19 books are still being sold on Amazon. Some of them are clearly xenophobic, and many written by people who obviously just cranked out a generic pandemic prepping book. Most are just quicky Kindle books with little actual material inside. Not all of the books are like that, but most unfortunately are.

In contrast, I have written articles on coronaviruses as far back as 2014. Check out my articles here and here. I spoke about coronaviruses and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) extensively on both of my old internet radio shows, Herbal Prepper Live (host) and The Medic Shack (co-host). I taught about coronaviruses and other potential pandemics on I can’t even count how many webinars over the years.

I was able to get my latest book out there so fast because I had already done so much research and had written about coronaviruses already. I have warned that a coronavirus could be the next pandemic. This isn’t my first rodeo with this topic.

Prepping for a Pandemic

I wrote a book, Prepping for a Pandemic, back in 2015. Prepping for a Pandemic is an extensive look at previous pandemics, the most likely candidates for the next great pandemic, and how to prepare for a pandemic. I wrote this back in 2015 and have been keeping up with the latest research on infectious disease, including coronaviruses.

Prepping for a Pandemic Book


Prepping for a Pandemic was, unfortunately, out of print for a while. Pandemics are one of those things that people, including preppers, just don’t like to address often. Granted, other potential SHTF situations may be more likely on any given day, especially in such a volatile political climate. Preppers tend to gravitate towards topics like EMPs, civil unrest, and economic collapse.

Infectious disease isn’t the most popular topic. Not everyone geeks out on reading research papers about viruses and bacteria. One thing history has taught us, however, is that pandemics do and will happen. That’s why I wrote Prepping for a Pandemic. Ulysses Press has agreed to reprint the book. I’ll post more about that in another article.


There is most likely some reasonable, logical explanation for my book getting banned. It’s probably something ridiculously easy to fix. It’s just less easy to get a straight answer.

Amazon is an incredible resource, but the sheer size and the company makes for some inefficient and impersonal interactions on occasion. I am still hopeful this can be resolved. I will keep you all posted as I learn more.

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