September 16

Pandemics and Emerging Illnesses


Welcome back, to the new and improved, and to episode #20 of Herbal Prepper. This is the first new, prerecorded show that I’ve posted in several weeks as I wrapped up the Herbal Burn Care Course, which is now online! Today we’re talking about the Prepping for Pandemics and Emerging Diseases, and focusing on the process of how a person might come up with a plan for emerging diseases.

Pandemics and Emerging Illnesses |

Pandemics and Emerging Illnesses

We’ve got some rather alarming illnesses active around the planet right now. Ebola is out of control, MERS hasn’t gone away it’s just not front page news anymore, drug-resistant TB is in the same boat with MERS, there, but no one in the media is paying attention. And now, there is this very scary enterovirus 68, or EV D68.

Each of these are either active in the US now, or is on it’s way here . None of these have a “cure”. The body has to fight off the infection. Treatments are primarily for comfort care and addressing more advanced problems as they come up. But, there is no pill that kills the virus, or in the case of drug-resistant tuberculosis, the bacteria.

Ebola, MERS, and enterovirus 68

For this episode, we’re going to focus on Ebola, MERS, and enterovirus 68. I’ve collected a number of links to some sobering news coverage of these illnesses. If you’re a prepper and you’re not concerned about these diseases, I hope this episode is your wake up call. Even the CDC acknowledges that it’s not a matter of if Ebola comes to the US, but when. The WHO acknowledge that MERS is spread by travelers and pilgrims, and enterovirus 68 has already caused hospitals to run out of beds. It’s time to get prepared for the inevitable- a pandemic or multiple pandemics within the US.

In this episode, I’ll take you through the process of ¬†how I approach formulating a strategy for an illness with so many unknowns. I’ve written about this before in these articles on Ebola and MERS. We will also look at how a pandemic illness can kill you, even if you never catch it.

Next week, we’ll look more at enterovirus 68, and potentially drug-resistant tuberculosis.



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