March 10

Podcast schedule update, new live show, Herbal First Aid class announcement


Hi folks,

I do have a show for you today, but it’s a little different than originally planned.

I had a jam-packed, slamming busy, and completely rewarding weekend with a 2-day course, co-hosting The Medic Shack, and was a live guest on A Preppers Path! I had expected to have this morning to myself to edit and upload the podcast, but family matters have altered that slightly. The Herbal Prepper Podcast focusing on comfrey will be uploaded tomorrow morning.

PLEASE NOTE: After a bit of reflection, The Herbal Prepper Podcast will officially be moving to Tuesday mornings at 10:00am to avoid this scheduling issue in the future. My teaching schedule is picking up, so I’m going to need the extra day to get this done.

Now, for some very, very cool news. As mentioned in the newsletter that went out on Friday, I’m going to be hosting my own, solo,Herbal Prepper Live live show on American Prepper Radio found at Prepper Broadcasting! The show, Herbal Prepper Live, will air for one hour every Sunday evening at 7pm EST, preceding A Preppers Path at 9pm EST.

This is a totally new show and separate from The Herbal Prepper Podcast with different broadcasts, and another way to get involved and engaged by using Prepper Broadcasting’s live chat. While I can’t provide herbal consultations in that format, I can answer many questions live through the chat room.

Please click here to list to the recording of last night’s interview on A Preppers Path, or copy and paste the link below into your browser. This show is downloadable. I will also be looking into how to make The Herbal Prepper Podcast a downloadable show.

One last thing… last week, I did say I’d have an announcement on when my classes would be available online. Rather than make anyone wait until tomorrow, I’m posting it today.

Herbal First Aid will be available as an online course on Monday July 7, 2014. This will cover all the information you need to make your own herbal first aid kit at home. It includes a downloadable booklet on the herbs and remedies included in the course, along with video lectures and demos. I will be available via email anytime, and via Skype by appointment, for any questions you may have. The final project will be building your herbal first aid kit.

The course is designed to be completed within two months, but you may work at your own pace. All assignments must be submitted, however, within 6 months from whenever you start for certification, which will serve as proof of completion of this course. Successful completion of this, or other comparable course (will be decided on a case by case basis), is a prerequisite to my upcoming Herbal Medic course. Herbal Medic will be available this fall.

I would have loved to offer it sooner, but June is going to be a very busy month with me being out of town twice, and with amount of video I need to take and edit, I think May would be pushing it. Enrollment will be available one month before the course goes live. Normally, I Herbal First Aid in person for $175. The online version will be at a massive savings of just $50 to enroll. Students will still need to purchase the herbs and other items for their projects.

In the meantime, I’m also going to be offering two courses via webinars. These are Herbal Wound Care and Herbal Burn Care. Each webinar will be one hour long, and will come with downloadable booklets upon registration. The registration fee will be $20 each, and I will have links to those available soon.

If there is any opportunity at all to get these available sooner, I will make every effort to do so.

Please do check out A Preppers Path and my interview from last night. The Herbal Prepper Podcast will be back tomorrow with an episode on comfrey.


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