January 8

Prepping with Asthma, aired 1-7-14

Last night’s Herbal Prepper Live, “Prepping with Asthma” has been uploaded to YouTube. It was one of the best episodes to date, which was a great way to kick off the new year.

There were some connectivity issues, and I apologies for the sound cutting in and out in places. The issue will be resolved before next week’s episode, Yarrow, the Battlefield Herb.

Prepping with Asthma

Learn Herbalism Online

Want to know more? Make 2018 the year you start or advance your herbal education with an online herbal course with Herbal Prepper Academy. A great place to start is with the Herbal Skills Intensive, with over 20 different herbal skills, the therapeutic properties of over 30 herbs, and an active students-only Facebook group for instructor & peer support. Check out the Herbal Skills Intensive course here.

For Your Library

Another great way to expand your herbal skills and your level of readiness is with my books, Prepper’s Natural Medicine and Prepping for a Pandemic. Prepper’s Natural Medicine is like a crash course in herbal medicine, covering skills, the therapeutic properties of over 50 different herbs, and provides herbal recipes to get your started.

Prepping for a Pandemic takes a look at the lessons we can learn from the Ebola outbreak in 2014, and how we can apply them to be better prepared. History has taught us that pandemics happen, even if we can’t predict when and where. The only option is to remain vigilant. Prepping for a Pandemic can help you do that.

What Do You Want to See Here?

What are your concerns in 2018? What are your prepping goals? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Depression? Anxiety? Not situational (who wouldn’t be depressed/anxious w/TEOTWAWKI) but chronic.

    Also Thyroid

    And glaucoma

  2. You may have already addressed this, but how do you 0430034 for SHTF, if you are insulin dependant? Thank you.

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