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Last night’s episode of Herbal Prepper Live covered how to make 72-hour bags, aka “bug out bags”, without breaking the bank. Did you miss last night’s show? That’s ok. I have uploaded the recording to YouTube. You can catch it below.

Links Mentioned in the Show

There were a couple of specific items I mentioned in the show. Here are the links.

I will also be doing an article and video on my upgraded 72-hour bag in the next few weeks. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to be notified when that post goes live.

The Budget 72-hour Bag


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You can check out some of my other episodes, as well as tutorial videos, on my YouTube channel.  Older episodes can be found on my archive page, as well as on my host page at Prepper Broadcasting.

Take Your Readiness to the Next Level

The time to learn new skills is now, while times are still relatively stable.

A great place to start learning core skills and how to make effective herbal medicine is with my book, Prepper’s Natural Medicine. This will get you off to a great start in bringing more self-reliance to your healthcare.

Serious preppers will want to check out my second book, Prepping for a Pandemic. There is no other book on the market quite like this, or that packs as much information in one place. Prepping for a Pandemic covers the lessons we can learn from the 2014 Ebola outbreak, how to apply these lessons to be ready for when a pandemic comes our way, my top 7 choices for the next great pandemic, illnesses that commonly follow disasters, how to do a self-imposed reverse quarantine (SIRQ), and so much more.

If you’re ready to take your readiness to a whole new level? Check out the available courses here at Herbal Prepper Academy. The list of course offerings continues to grow, with many more coming in the next couple of months. Courses can be taken as part of the Herbal Certification Program, or taken separately if you prefer. This is affordable, online herbal and preparedness education to meet your individual needs.

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