August 7, 2014

Prepping for a Pandemic: Ebola | Prepping for a Pandemic: Ebola | Herbs for ebola | Is Ebola Airborne | What Would Happen if Ebola broke out in US

Thank you everyone for the thousands of shares the original post received. Much has happened with this current Ebola outbreak, and the original article needs a massive update to reflect what has been learned.

As a result of such high interest level, I am working on a book specifically on how to prepare for pandemics. In researching for this book, there have been positive developments both the numbers of new Ebola cases declining, as well as in biomedicine’s understanding of how to treat Ebola patients.

Since there are no studies for Ebola treatment using herbs, we must use the new information from biomedicine to extrapolate what options would be available to herbalists and preppers if such a outbreak were to happen here in the US.

I have chosen to pull this particular article down and archive it, and rewrite it. There will also be an entire chapter dedicated to Ebola based on the latest and best information possible from both the biomedical world and the herbal world in my second book, Prepping for a Pandemic. There will also be and a more targeted, updated, theoretical look at what role herbal medicine might play if an outbreak came to our shores and hospitals were too overwhelmed to provide care.

The book will also take an in depth look at Influenza, Tuberculosis, Measles, HIV, and other infectious diseases, and how to cope with them if our medical system were ever to be overwhelmed or not function

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