Essentials of Herbal Practice



The Essentials of Herbal Practice course delves into issues that commonly arise in herbal practice, including:

  • Strategies and documentation for working with clients
  • Ethics within herbalism
  • Basic concepts of Traditional Western Herbalism, such as tissue states and energetics
  • Herbal business best practices
  • History of herbal medicine

Please Be Aware

This course is currently offered 3 times per year.  February, May, and August

Even though the course was designed to be complete in 8 weeks, if you need extra time, that can easily be worked out by discussing the matter with the instructor.

You will receive an email within one week of registering for the course with information regarding the course and course access.

For full details on everything this course covers, visit the course description page here.



Whether you are looking to open your own herbal practice, or serve as the health coordinator for your family, sustainability or preparedness group, this course will help you function more effectively in your important role.

The material in this course was chosen to help the student practice as an herbalist, meet with and assess clients, and have the proper frame work to get off on the right foot.

Tuition includes: 8 online weekly modules, video tutorials, video lectures, live weekly Q&A meetings, access to the Essentials of Herbal Practice Facebook group, materia medica, supervision through a clinical project, and unlimited email coaching with instructor.