Herbal Skills Intensive



An 8-week, online herbal boot camp. Go from total herbal novice to confident herbal medicine maker with herbalist and preparedness author, Cat Ellis. This course is a required course for the Herbal Prepper Academy Herbal Certification Program.

Please Be Aware

This course is currently offered 3 times per year.  February, May, and August

Even though the course was designed to be complete in 8 weeks, if you need extra time, that can easily be worked out by discussing the matter with the instructor.

You will receive an email within one week of registering for the course with:

  • A supply list of required herbs and herbal supplies
  • List of trusted herbal suppliers
  • Instructions on how to access your course material once your session is available.

For full details on everything this course covers, visit the course description page here.



Basic and intermediate herbal skills are covered in detail to provide students the most useful information in the shortest period of time.

Learn the therapeutic properties of over thirty different herbs and how to use them in herbal remedies.

The homework in this course is designed to provide students with a supply of useful herbs and remedies for first aid and common complaints.

The material in the Herbal Skills Intensive course is presented through written articles, video tutorials, brief quizzes, hands-on and written homework assignments (submitted via email). Support for this course is provided through weekly online meetings with the entire class and the instructor to review homework and answer questions. One-on-one support is available through email with the instructor. There is a private study group on Facebook for those students who are on Facebook.