March 17

The Herbal Prepper Live: A Collapse-Resiliant Health Care Plan

Good morning folks,

Herbal Prepper LiveLast night, I had my first live show on the Prepper Broadcasting Network! Overall, I think it went well, once I got over a bit of nervousness flying solo on a live show. But there was a good gathering in the chat room, and it seems to have been well-received.

In case you missed the show live last night, click here to listen to the archived show. Or, cut and paste this link into your browser.

In this episode:

  • The impact of a crisis on health care/sick care
  • Why herbs are a key component of a prepper’s Collapse-Resiliant Health Care Plan
  • Illnesses and conditions to expect during a collapse
  • What is a Survival Herbal Garden, and How to Design One
  • Besides herbs, what else do you need to be able to grow or stock
  • Reputable sources for seeds, young plants, and medicinal mushrooms

The topic is one I will be revisiting, as it’s a broad and important topic that cannot be fully discussed in just one hour. But, this was a great start. Next week, I will be discussing drug-resistant bacteria and herbal antibiotics. You will definitely want to catch that show.



Collapse-Resiliant Health Care Plan, Health Care vs. Sick Care, Survival Herbal Garden, The Herbal Preper Live

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