June 2

The Herbal Prepper Live, Episode 12- Herbs for the Digestive System: Part One

Last night’s episode of The Herbal Prepper Live is available in the archives at PrepperBroadcasting.com!

Last night, The Herbal Prepper Live began the first of a three-part series on herbs and other natural remedies for the digestive system. Part One covers E. coli, salmonella, and botulism, Part Two will cover viruses and parasites,


and we will wrap things up with Part Three which will cover chronic complaints.

Nothing stops you in your tracks quite like a stomach bug. The severe cramping, dehyration, and worse is nothing to take lightly. Even a mild case can cause you to stay at home near a bathroom! A severe case is potentially fatal.

Whether the discomfort is from food poisoning or the so-called “stomach flu” (which has nothing to do with influenza), digestive system illnesses will bring you to a grinding halt. The nausea, fever, and loss of fluids can lay you up for a week or


longer, and leave you without your strength.

For now, in real terms, that may mean lost time from work. But also, it means time away from daily chores and preparedness activities. You are not planting seeds, bent over a garden bed if you have food poisoning, and you’re not reloading brass if salmonella has you on your knees.

But, what happens in a grid-down event? Or, if there were a deadly respiratory epidemic overwhelming local hospitals? Or, what if civil unrest made a trip to the pharmacy too risky?

Somewhat less apocalyptic, but what if your case of salmonella were drug-resistant to the point of being untreatable with antibiotics?

Juniper Berries
Juniper Berries

According to the CDC, both e-coli and salmonella are at risk of becoming untreatable as they develop resistance to antibiotic drugs, and are becoming increasingly easy to contract even by simply touching a grocery store display case.

So, how can you care for your digestive system and “gut-health” both right now and after a calamity? Tune in to last night’s episode to learn all about herbs, first aid, and traditional foods to keep you, and your immune and digestive systems healthy!

We also gave away a book live on air, Countdown to Preparedness: The Prepper’s 52 Week Guide to Total Disaster Preparedness. It is not yet available in stores, but it is available for pre-order at a special price on Amazon by clicking on the (affiliate) link below.


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  1. I learn so much from every one of your episodes!

    That’s a great idea about taking an anatomy and physiology course. If someone doesn’t have access to a community college course, there’s online options like edx.org. They have free courses on a huge number of topics. “Essential Human Biology: Cells and Tissues” just started; after listening to this, I’m considering signing up.

    Thanks for the information and inspiration!

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