June 3

The Herbal Prepper Podcast Ep #12, Skills: Infused Oils, Salves, and Creams


Making Salves/Balms
Making Salves/Balms

Today’s episode covers more of the basic skills that every herbalist needs to know. These are infused oils, salves (also called ointments or balms), and creams. These are topical applications that can help you treat everything from sunburn-damaged skin to infected wounds. I also discuss the merits and the pitfalls of what herbal “certification” means, and whether or not I support licensing for our profession. (Hint: I don’t.)

There are a lot of great things coming in the way of classes and programs as well. I have been working around the clock (last month, quite literally) to put classes together, as well as design what will be useful services to anyone serious about improving one’s medical preparedness* levels.

Tune in this week to hear about:

  • I will be participating in a new permaculture design course, PermaEthos
  • The next date of the online Herbal Burn Care class be on June 21, 2014 at 11am EST and again at 2pm EST.
  • There are more classes coming including:
    • Herbal First Aid
    • Herbal Antibiotics
    • Herbal Antivirals
    • Professional Herbalism Course (Certificate of Completion will be available)
    • Professional Aromatherapy Course (Certificate of Completion will be available
  • Pros and cons of certification and licensing
  • Skills
    • Infused oils
      • Cold method
      • Hot method
    • Salves (ointments, balms)
    • Creams

As I did with last week’s episode on teas and tinctures, I will also be posting articles on how to make infused oils, salves and creams.

* Please note: When I use the term “medical preparedness”, I am not implying any training or expertise as a medical doctor. I am referring to subjects such as first aid, and Herbal Medicine. There is often a lot of overlap in the terminology, such as in the anatomical and physiological terms, terms for illnesses, terms for the actions of herbs (antibiotic, sedative, analgesic, etc), and so on.


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