June 10

The Herbal Prepper Podcast Ep #13 Peppermint


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Peppermint. Once of the oldest herbs that we know of that was used for it’s medicinal properties. This very hardy, simply plant, exceptionally full of essential oil and menthol, can help us in both good and bad times in so many ways. It’s easy to grow, and some may even say that it grows a little too easily.That’s ok, because there are plenty of ways this simple plant can help you live a healthier life.

On today’s agenda:

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  • Herbal Prepper News:
  • Article on NPR regarding gluten sensitivity being “all in your head” pre-rant warm up for my rant on The Medic Shack this Sunday- today is the uncensored version, because The Medic Shack is rebroadcast in a number of places that I need to keep my comments family friendly. Today- screw it, I’m speaking freely, because this thing really just pissed me off.

Today’s topic: Peppermint- so many uses for one of the safest herbs and essential oils to use and include in your home apothecary and herbal preps.

Today’s show went about 15 minutes over, but I think it was worth the extra bit of time. Today’s Herbal Prepper News section really has me hot under the collar.Please be aware that this segment of the show will have some strong language and is not appropriate for the workplace (unless you have a really cool boss- or you are the boss) or around small children.

There’s an article floating around various websites being reposted from one to the other claiming that non-Celiac gluten-sensitivity is “all in your head”. As someone who suffers severe pain, sinus congestion, migraines, and body-wide inflammation whenever I eat gluten, I can assure you- this is NOT all in my head.

I did some investigating into the funding sources for this study. Of course, one of the primary financial backers just happens to be Australia’s #2 baker. Color me surprised. But, the story doesn’t end there. Listen to this week’s episode as I tear into the study’s sample size, methods, and the Peter Gibson’s, the man leading the study, own conflict of interest.

But get this- after Gibson claims our symptoms are all in our heads, he then recommends a diet that he just happened to write a book about for another digestive condition! Really? Because a special diet from a book you just wrote is going to resolve symptoms that are purely placebo?

After that, we turn our attention to peppermint and all the wonderful ways it can make like both more comfortable, as well as more tasty- especially for children who may not appreciate the tastes of the more bitter or pungent medicinal herbs. I discuss peppermint’s actions, as well as conditions it may help, and safe ingestion of peppermint oil I know, I rant a lot about the safety concerns about ingestion, listen to the show to learn when it’s safe), even why you may wish to make your own peppermint essential oil.


Article on PBS: Unless You Have Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity Is Probably All In Your Head

George Weston Foods, Australia’s #2 baker and fund source for gluten sensitivity test- just look at the spread on that table!

George Weston Foods article stating they need to cut expenses. I bet they can’t afford too many non-gluten competitors either.

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Books used in research for this episode


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