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Wound Care Essentials | Chuck Hudson | Herbal Prepper Live

Did you catch last Sunday’s Herbal Prepper Live episode on wound care essentials? Our guest, Survival Instructor, Chuck Hudson, covered a range of wound care topics. We talked about how to stop bleeding on someone else, as well as on yourself. We discussed herbal and natural options for wound washes and packing a wound. A lot of information was crammed in a short hour. Therefore, the recording of last Sunday’s show is below.

Wound Care for Austere Conditions

Something I’m over-the-moon excited about is a new class that will be introduced through Herbal Prepper Academy late next month, Wound Care for Austere Conditions. Chuck Hudson is the first instructor to come on board to Herbal Prepper Academy in addition to myself. Mr. Hudson brings a wealth of hard-won knowledge as a former combat medic who served in Bosnia. Chuck is also a former EMT-P, and the founder of his own survival school, The Medic Shack, based in New Mexico.

This course will marry Chuck’s war-time and civilian emergency responder experience with my herbal expertise to produce a truly unique course. Registration and course start dates will be announced on Saturday. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for more information on this exciting course, plus a special coupon code.

Herbal Prepper Live 9-24-17

Links and Resources

There were a number of supplies mentioned throughout the episode.  These should be in your emergency kit.

  • An Israeli bandage– This kind of bandage can assist you applying pressure to stop bleeding, especially if you are the one bleeding.
  • Quick Clot gauze– This gauze has the benefits of Quick Clot powder, without the clumping that has to be cleaned out of a wound.
  • Yarrow– Use this to make an herbal wound wash. Just make a cup of tea, allow it to cool (or use some ice cubes if availble), and pour into a clean, squeezable, sports bottle to use as a wound wash. Discard any unused liquid, and wash the bottle when done.
  • Skin Stapler kit– While it’s not a great idea to close a wound “in the field”, this is a simple way to close wounds.
  • Super Glue– Chuck mentioned this as one of his favorite ways to close a wound.
  • Cravat Triangular Bandage– These are useful for many first aid applications. I recently used this to make a sling for my arm while my wrist was healing.
  • Duct Tape 911- This wasn’t mentioned in the show, but it’s a fascinating and helpful book that should be in your emergency kit. It’s loaded with ideas on how to use duct tape for first aid, including wound care.

Want to learn about herbs for injuries?

Be sure to check out my book, Prepper’s Natural Medicine, which details how to make an herbal first aid kit. This book goes beyond minor scrapes and runny noses. Prepper’s Natural Medicine is herbal medicine for the best and worst of times. Also, check out my other book, Prepping for a Pandemic, plus my online herbal courses here on my website.

If you want even more, my Herbal Skills Intestive is a great place to start. The Herbal Skills Intensive is an 8-week herbal boot camp that will get you ready to make safe and effective herbal medicines for the best and the worst of times. Click here to read more about this info-packed, online herbal course.


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